Who We Are

We often wonder about the reality of God, how can we be sure of this reality and how does it affect us today. Here at Eastgate, we believe that over 2000 years ago, God sent his son Jesus to walk the earth (John 1:14) so that humanity could see what love looks like (John 15:13). Jesus entered our broken but beautiful world, offering forgiveness and restoration to every person who believed. He gave purpose to those he encountered by showing them love and in turn, inviting them to love others. He brought hope to the world by demonstrating his power to bring healing and peace to the restless.

Jesus died and in doing so, took the punishment that we all deserved because of the wrong that we all do, to give us a better life (John 10:10). But the good news is that three days later he rose again, and today his Spirit still lives on earth so that we can have an abundant life that's free from the guilt of our wrong-doings (sin). We too, can be a part of Jesus' plan to bring restoration to others by loving them just as he did and still does. We can be sure of a better tomorrow because, Jesus is still with us; his Spirit lives in us and helps us.
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We're called by God to be a lighthouse church where every person can experience transforming faith, and be enabled to impact our world through local initiatives and international partnerships.