The Arts Troupe



The Arts Troupe


We were designed to create by the ultimate creator: our God. This year, we’re setting up sessions for those interested in performing arts to worship our creator through their talents and skills, as well as brainstorm ideas to present our community and church with fresh, God-inspired creative works.

The first half of each session will include a short ice-breaker and a group creative brainstorm before splitting into workshops to create and plan. The second part of the session will be focused on sharing these works with the wider group.

If you’re interested in the areas of performing arts like acting, dancing, performance singing, set-designing, directing, creative writing, production, costume and production make-up, then we have a space for you! Sessions happen every six weeks throughout the year on alternating days, with an adult session happening some Tuesdays at 7:30pm and a family-oriented, all ages session happening on Sundays at 12:15pm.

Sign up using the form below or visit the i-Centre.