Team Eastgate Party



Team Eastgate Party

Fri 6:30pm

By invitation only

Hey Team Eastgate, we see you! You’ve put in the hard yards over the past two years to better serve our church and our community. We’re so grateful! This June, we’re hosting our second Team Eastgate Party to say thanks. Woohooooo!

So put down those volunteer lanyards and Sunday shoes, its time to celebrate the efforts of this team who, alongside the will of our Father, make this church all that it is.

Let’s celebrate what God has done through our amazing teams in this difficult season. We’ll do this with dinner, dessert, entertainment and possibly even a little bit of a boogey…

If you’re a part of Team Eastgate, your free ticket is waiting! Get in touch with your team leader, or visit the i-Centre following the service, for more information.