An Online Seminar with Richard Black



An Online Seminar with Richard Black

8:00pm on Zoom


The ABC’s of Managing Argy-Bargy in the home

with Richard Black from MindHealth

This season of Level 4 lockdown may have been particularly challenging your you in your parenting journey. What are some of the ways we can navigate conflict in the home and make our spaces happier and healthier for all members of our whānau? Richard presents this special online seminar over Zoom, with an interactive format that means participants can chat over real life situations, ask questions and apply strategies into their own circumstances.

This event starts at a later time of 8pm – so get the children to bed, put the jug on, and enjoy an online special that will be beneficial for your family life.


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Meeting ID: 989 7315 9402

Passcode: ArgyBargy

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